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Traditional digital solutions cannot solve fundamental problems
  • The integration of software, data and hardware cannot be effectively realized

    Devices complete specific tasks in an isolated environment; collaboration on the same platform and data connection between hardware cannot be achieved

    Traditional solutions, such as MES and SCADA, suffer integration difficulty, high cost of customized development and long development cycle.

  • Unable to cope with the complexity and variability of work cells

    The cumbersome and complex development process cannot cope with the ever-changing requirements of work cells, causing poor functional reusability

    Due to the rigidness of traditional industrial systems, any changes will have an impact on the whole system, and local continuous improvement cannot be effectively supported

  • Unable to achieve short-term low-cost rapid implementation

    Traditional solutions often suffer high investment cost and long development cycle.

    Redundant functions, closed systems and slow implementation cycles.

Digital cells change the traditional definition of digitalization

Digital Cell Solution Architecture
Full integration of innovative platform and Intelligent Terminal Technologies

What is Tulip

What is Aedgetech

Realize the comprehensive technical integration of platform and terminal

Challenge the traditional centralized large-scale system

Achieve the construction of complex IT infrastructures and realize the efficient interconnection of production lines, employees and edges

Our advantages
  • Easy integration

    The original IOT architecture, intelligent hardware can be easily integrated; Rich software interfaces to solve system integration problems; Integrated production data visualization

  • Building block construction

    For different scenarios, break the whole into parts, achieve advanced development of small functions and applications, and continue to optimize iterations; Platform data interconnection and function coordination

  • Fast iteration

    Shorten the cycle by 90% from planning to benefit realization; Avoid the cost of redundant functions and the risk of failure after investment brought by the traditional development mode

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