Process Management and Control of Working Procedure Operation

Flexible production process and procedure step definition, automatic acquisition of procedure hardware signals in the production process, identification and prompt of operation progress, facilitate operation data forming visual performance analysis dashboard, thus analyzing and improving operation efficiency.

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  • Pain point analysis

    At present, most enterprises mainly have three types of production guidance and task tracking, all of them with evident drawbacks:

    Introducing MES
    The input cost is very high, the practical application function is limited, and there is no real visual report
    Manual paper record
    No systematic method, no visual real-time report, and large job loading
    Develop applets to record by scanning a code
    Limited to the edge, single report, no interconnection, and poor integration
  • Scheme structure
    Tulip Codeless Platform SaaS Service
    One-click installation of the program ready to use
    On-line BI tools to quickly analyze data
    Open program business logic configuration can be flexibly optimized
    The terminal supports Windows, Android and IOS
    Easy to expand and connect operation aids and sensors
    Identify operation signals according to the defined steps to automatically switch operations and prevent errors
  • Operation Process Record Analysis

    Show the products waiting and being processed at each workstation at present

    Show the operation efficiency analysis and abnormal situation of each working procedure step

  • Prompt and Record Operation Process

    Show operation instructions step by step according to the procedure steps defined by the product

    Automatic switching according to the acquisition signal and manual input recognition progress

  • Operation Instruction Configuration

    Maintain operation process code for products

    List of work steps in the process of working procedure

    Graphic description of operation prompts for each work step

Programme benefits
  • Includes traditional MES posting functionality

  • Functional tasks can be set separately according to different positions

  • Different positions can generate intuitive and concise personalized reports

  • Edge and cloud are interconnected

  • Mobile terminal collaboration improves operation efficiency

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