AI Vision Integrated Detection of Product Defects

With an AI camera integrated in the software terminal program, and the inspection model trained independently through machine learning, the system can automatically determine the product yield and record product defect information in real time throughout the product inspection process.

  • Pain point analysis

    Most enterprises spend a lot of manpower on tests which produce no added value:

    Manual inspection causes high labor cost
    Due to the influence of human factors, it is easy to miss inspections, thus sending defective products to customers
    The efficiency of manual inspection is relatively low
    The alert mechanism for quality anomalies is insufficient, the management dimensions are limited, and lack data analysis
  • Scheme structure
    Tulip Low-code Platform SaaS Service
    One-click installation of the program ready to use
    On-line BI tools to quickly analyze data
    Automatic inspection through AI camera
    Open program business logic configuration can be flexibly optimized
    The terminal supports Windows, Android and IOS
    Easy to expand and connect operation aids and sensors
  • Accurate and Efficient AI Visual Quality Inspection

    ·Smart hardware incorporates AI recognition technology

    ·Judgment by standardized recognition model

    ·Flexible on-site debugging according to requirements

    ·Visual inspection in fool-proofing operation

    ·Visual management

    ·Real-time reporting of anomalies

Programme benefits
  • Machine vision technology assists manual inspection and reduces on-site manpower

  • Cameras and software are seamlessly integrated, and the data is docked to form a closed-loop management of the whole inspection process

  • Enhance manual inspection ability and accuracy to ensure quality

  • Improve position efficiency

  • Data can be traced and analyzed to assist management decision-making

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