Digitalization of Material Weighing and Distribution Management

Integrate code scanners, weighing machines and printers to guide operators in completing automatic label printing for weighing and distribution according to the quantities on BOM, accurately confirm each step, and easily report illustrated records of quality events.

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  • Pain point analysis

    In factories, the distribution management of materials often encounters the following problems:

    Weighing data needs to be recorded on paper, which cannot guarantee authenticity
    Post-event management: unable to control in real time, not time-sensitive
    MES system has limited weighing functions and lacks visual report
    Once there is a problem, it will directly affect the delivery quality and after-sales service
  • Scheme structure
    Quickly print labels by collecting data from weighing machines to prevent errors
    Easy to expand and connect operation aids and sensors
    Tulip Low-code Platform SaaS Service
    One-click installation of the program ready to use
    On-line BI tools to quickly analyze data
    Open program business logic configuration can be flexibly optimized
    The terminal supports Windows, Android and IOS
  • Efficient Weighing Integration and Distribution Management

    · Scan code to select orders and materials

    · Set and select the weighing method

    · Weighing with automatic printing labels

    · Abnormality real-time alarm report

    · Visual smart report

Programme benefits
  • Seamless docking between weighing machine and software to realize data acquisition

  • Real-time feedback of weighing anomalies is realized according to the specification definition

  • Customize the data report and present the visual table required by the workstation

  • Records are permanently kept and problems are effectively traced back

  • Complete closed loop of quality improvement and feedback

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