Equipment Monitoring and Exception Management

Efficiently collect and monitor the states and parameters of equipment in real time through OPC protocol or RS232 protocol, record the historical information, and display the performance data of the machine by the on-site Kanban reports and the workstation Kanban, and automatically give alarms of abnormalities.

  • Pain point analysis

    Factories are mainly in three situations:

    Old equipment data cannot be acquired;
    There is automation equipment but no data acquisition;
    There is automation equipment and data, but no knowledge of how to use the data
  • Scheme structure
    Be easily expanded and connected to work aids and sensors
    One-click installation of the program ready to use
    On-line BI tools to quickly analyze data
    Open program business logic configuration can be flexibly optimized
    The terminal supports Windows, Android and IOS
    Customize the collected columns and storage fields
  • Equipment Lifecycle Management

    ·Electronic management of equipment ledgers

    ·Real-time management of equipment statuses

    ·Monitoring of equipment parameter abnormalities

    ·Accurate monitoring of equipment activation rate

    ·Multidimensional equipment management report

Programme benefits
  • Data acquisition and visual management can be realized for old machines

  • Abnormality monitoring for real-time mastery of equipment operation process

  • Efficient collaboration of the whole process of equipment repair, maintenance and spot check

  • Equipment OEE efficiency data is clear, assisting management decision analysis

  • Downtime is greatly reduced and personnel costs are reduced

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