Medical Electronic History Record Management

During automatic real-time recording, auditors can view all electronic batch records and equipment activities, and can also query, trace, review and confirm the records such as the creation, update and deletion of record tables and process records in real time.

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  • Pain point analysis

    Many enterprises in the medical industry have a low degree of digitalization and no systematic management:

    Inefficient handwriting file management
    only realize posting for key sites and key machines, and cannot implement comprehensive management
    Traditional digital system has limited function and low efficiency in use
  • Scheme structure
    Tulip Codeless Platform SaaS Service
    One-click installation of the program ready to use
    On-line BI tools to quickly analyze data
    Open program business logic configuration can be flexibly optimized
    The terminal supports Windows, Android and IOS
    Automatically capture and view sensor data / machine operation record data according to the defined inspection items
    Record the actual on-site situation by video or photos
  • Quick Electronic Record

    View logs in real time

    Quick entry of electronic records in batch

    Improve the record audit process

    Visual electronic Kanban

Programme benefits
  • Strictly abide by the application specifications of the medical industry

  • Realize flexible and systematic real-time management

  • Smart collaboration and data linkage to improve production efficiency

  • Accurate abnormality reporting to achieve quality fool-proofing

  • Transparent data analysis to locate management improvement points

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